India rejects Google's patent plea for e-shoe

The patent application for ‘System and method for wearable electronic devices’, filed in 2007, mentions various wearable models including a shoe that can communicate data to the user, electronic communication devices attached to clothes, wireless ear pieces and ankle bracelets that can transmit updated information from the body to the user. The drawings the company submitted to the patent office also show the design of a shoe that can be a wearable electronic device.

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Ambani vs Chandra: Media convergence set for new game

In terms of market capitalisation, Zee alone has a market cap of Rs 24,000 crore compared to Rs 15,000 crore of the merged Reliance entity.

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Stuck in a Draining Corporate World? Here’s How You Can Stay Fit

Lucky are the ones who have flexible jobs and schedules, which is a dream of almost every corporate employee. If you are a part of the corporate world, chances are you find yourself chained to the company’s time table and workload and struggling to take out some “me time” out of your schedule but, alas, you always end up with a failed attempt.

Our sedentary lifestyles are said to be one of the key reasons for increased and frequent cases of ill health. By sitting for long hours at your office chair in the same position, consuming junk food, not indulging in any kind of physical activity, you are making yourself prone to bad health conditions.

If you want to avoid the unfit conditions and stay healthy and active, here are some tips for you, shared by Rishikesh Kumar, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Xtraliving.

Plan Your Meal:

If you are the one who thinks that going on a stringent diet will help you shed some kilos and stay fit, you are absolutely wrong. You need to plan your meal in a way that you consume the required amount of calcium, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and fibre. Also, you must make small meals a part of your routine.

First and foremost, say no to junk food. Pack your lunch in the morning and also, small meals for those surprise hunger pangs. This is even more important when you are travelling for office work. Try to eat healthy while out for business meetings or trips. You may opt for a salad or anything that is healthy and not junk.


No matter how busy you are, it is never impossible to spare 30 minutes in a day for a workout of any kind. 30 minutes of high to medium intensity workout can do wonders for anyone. It will not only help you lose weight but it will also make you feel energised and active at work. If it is difficult for you to travel to the gym or a fitness studio daily, you can work out at home or even do yoga.

In addition to this, make sure you stay in the correct posture especially while in office, do some office-specific exercises like neck movement and arm movement and take the stairs instead of lifts.

If You Smoke, Quit it Now:

Smoking is harmful and if you are planning to include physical activity of some sort in your schedule, smoking will not let it be successful for you. As smokers have increased risks of heart attack and respiratory diseases, they also experience less endurance, poorer physical performance and increased rates of complications while doing exercise or any form of physical activity.

Drink Lots of Water:

A good amount of water intake can help you with countless benefits and countless others for not drinking plenty of water. Water can improve your performance and efficiency and also, help you stay active, hydrated and get rid of fatigue.

Say no to Work Outside The Office:

If you are the one who is stuck in a job that requires you to work at the office or away from it at any time of the day or even late at night, you must learn to say no. You must explore the ways to detach yourself from after office work demands. This is important because when we talk about fitness, it is not physical fitness alone, mental fitness is equally important and if ignored, it can take a toll on your health.

Be Conscious:

Office parties are common and also, something where you usually eat a lot of junk food both because of its easy availability and taste. If office parties happen often at your workplace, be conscious about your food choices whereas you might act leniently if they happen rarely at your workplace.

Fitness is a silent need of your body. You must prioritise it as much as you prioritise your work. Don’t hesitate to say no to something that you think is affecting your health. It may include frequent late night or early morning travel, colleagues forcing you to eat something unhealthy just because they are fine with it. You may also motivate your boss to be healthy as he will appreciate your effort and help you in return. So, go ahead and explore the way to a healthy and fit life.

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MHT CET 2020: February 29 Last Date to Register, Apply on

MHT CET 2020: February 29 is the last date to apply for the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MHT CET) 2020, which will be conducted by the Maharashtra State Common Entrance Test Cell (MSCETC). Interested and eligible candidates can apply on the official website

However, candidates can also fill up the online form between March 1-7 with a late fine of Rs 500. The exam is scheduled to be conducted between April 13-18 (except April 14) and April 20-23.

Steps to register online for MHT CET 2020

Step 1: Visit the official website

Step 2: On the homepage, click on the link ‘MHT CET 2020’ under ‘Undergraduate Courses’

Step 3: In the new window that opens, click on ‘Registration For New Candidates’

Step 4: Read the instruction carefully and press ‘OK’

Step 5: Enter all the details asked for

Step 6: Upload all the relevant documents

Step 7: Review all the details and make fee payment

Step 8: Note down your registration number and application id

Step 9: Download the application form and take a print out for future use

Alternatively, click here to access the online application page directly.

The exam will be conducted for admissions to 1,27,537 seats of undergraduate engineering courses at 342 institutes in the state. Admit cards for the exam, meanwhile, will be released on April 5.

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The Size of Your Wine Glass Could Influence How Much You Drink

The size of glass used for serving wine can influence the amount of wine drunk, say researchers while adding that when restaurants served wine in 370ml rather than 300ml glasses they sold more wine, and tended to sell less when they used 250ml glasses.

The preliminary study, published in the journal Addiction, suggested that serving wine in larger wine glasses — while keeping the same measure — led to a significant increase in the amount of wine sold.

“Pouring wine from a bottle or a carafe, as happens for most wine sold in restaurants, allows people to pour more than a standard serving size, and this effect may increase with the size of the glass and the bottle,” said study first author Mark Pilling from the University of Cambridge in the UK.

“If these larger portions are still perceived to be ‘a glass’, then we would expect people to buy and consume more wine with larger glasses,” Pilling added.

To provide a robust estimate of the effect of the wine glass size on sales — a proxy for consumption — the research team did a ‘mega-analysis’ that brought together all of their previously published datasets from studies carried out between 2015 and 2018 at bars and restaurants in Cambridge.

The team used 300ml glasses as the reference level against which to compare the differences in consumption. In restaurants, when glass size was increased to 370ml, wine sales increased by 7.3 per cent, the study said.

Reducing the glass size to 250ml led to a drop of 9.6 per cent, although confidence intervals (the range of values within which the researchers can be fairly certain their true value lies) make this figure uncertain.

Curiously, increasing the glass size further to 450ml made no difference compared to using 300ml glasses, the researchers said.

“When smaller glass sizes of 250ml are available, they may also appear similar to 300ml glasses, but result in a smaller amount of wine being poured,” Pilling said.

“In contrast, very large glasses, such as the 450ml glasses, are more obviously larger, so drinkers may have taken conscious measures to reduce how much they drink, such as drinking more slowly or pouring with greater caution,” Pilling added.

The researchers also found similar internal patterns to those reported in previous studies, namely lower sales of wine on warmer days and much higher sales on Fridays and Saturdays than on Mondays.

The researchers found no significant differences in wine sales by glass size in bars — in contrast to the team’s earlier study.

This shows the importance of replicating research to increase our ability to detect the effects of wine glass size.

According to the study, when combined with data from other experiments, the apparent effect in bars disappeared.

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