Common Myths Surrounding C-section Busted For You

The surgical delivery of a baby is called a c-section or cesarean section. It can be planned or scheduled. The reason behind c-section can be anything from abnormal foetal heart rate to placental complications, and abnormal position of the foetus. Though any surgical process is difficult and comes with certain risks, c-section is usually considered debilitating due to the myths and misconceptions surrounding it. The fear won’t go until you are aware of the facts associated with it. So, here we clear some of the common myths surrounding c-section.

Myth 1: Going through c-section once means you will have to go through it the next time as well.

Fact: This is not at all true. There are various women who have gone through c-section during their first delivery. And, the second time, they had a normal delivery. If we talk about its side-effects, the second time during normal delivery you may experience scar rupture.

Myth 2: Post-c-section, you cannot walk for weeks.

Fact: Though you may feel pain post-c-section, for a few days, the pain is not so debilitating that you cannot even walk. In case you feel difficulty in walking, it is advised to take rest for some time and let the scar heal.

Myth 3: C-section delivery is painless.

Fact: You may not feel the pain due to anesthesia during the time of delivery and a few hours after that due to its effect. But once its effect goes, you will experience the pain and it will remain for at least 10 days.

Myth 4: Women who go through c-section do not face vaginal bleeding.

Fact: This is a common misconception. Women who are c-section mothers also go through the vaginal bleeding however that is not due to the birth of the baby but because their uterus heals from the placental separation and tries to come to the usual shape.

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