Green Coffee, Your New Weight Loss Buddy

Are you one of those who cannot do without a hot cup of coffee as the first thing in the morning? Does the steamy and aromatic coffee makes you feel energetic? Yes? What if we say that this habit can help you lose weight as well? Interesting right?

But for that, you need to be mindful while picking the coffee. It is not the brown coffee but the green one that can be your new weight loss buddy. According to researchers, having green coffee regularly along with healthy food and indulging in exercise can help you shed those extra kilos rapidly.

How green coffee helps in weight loss?

Green coffee beans are not roasted and therefore contain a compound called chlorogenic acid. This compound is known to have antioxidant effects that help in coping up with stress, a major contributor to weight gain. Also, chlorogenic acid can help you get rid of the excess fat by increasing your body’s basal metabolic rate. This can potentially reduce the glucose release in the bloodstream through the liver. As a result of this, your body starts burning excess fat and you lose weight.

Not only this, consumption of green coffee can increase satiety and prevents overeating which is a major reason behind weight gain. This is important for people with zero control over the food portion.

How to prepare and consume green coffee?

Green coffee can be prepared the same way you make black coffee. You can add honey or cinnamon to the coffee to add flavour in it.

Though you can have green coffee at any time of the day, consuming it just after having a meal is considered extremely helpful. Doing this can keep your blood sugar under control and help you in effective weight loss.

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