Spray On Window Tint?

I recently came across some spray on window tint when looking into creative ways to tint a compound curve window as seen in many new vehicles. Tinting a compound curve is difficult even for experienced installers, and usually involves overlapping multiple pieces or heat shrinking the film to the window. There might be a better way!

The spray on tint is a unique alternative, if used correctly. This can be applied to the inside or the outside of the windows. Applying to the inside will make the tint look better from the outside, but much care must be taken to prevent overspray.

If you intent to install the spray tint to the inside, first tape off and cover everything near the windows. Now clean the windows with a good glass cleaner and a lint free cloth. I suggest using an airbrush gun to apply the spray. This will allow you to adjust the amount of tint coming through the nozzle. If you spray with less tint and more air, then you will be able to get a more even coating. If you don’t have that luxury, then use the pray cans. Warm the spray cans in warm to hot water to really liquefy the tint. Once the can is hot, shake it up very well for 30 seconds or so. Hold the can about 12 inches from the windows and spray a VERY light even first coat. Allow to dry. Apply a second and third coat if needed to obtain the desired shades, but take the state laws into consideration.

If you plan on applying it to the outside, follow the same procedure as before, taking special car not to get any tint on the painted surfaces. Clean the glass completely and spray as described above. These techniques can also be used to “smoke” or tint headlights, tail lights, corner lenses, and even chrome finishes. The result is really remarkable is time is taken to properly protect from overspray and to apply even coats.

Good Luck, and stay TUNED!

Source by Matt Brooks

SSC CPO 2018: Over 1,223 Vacancies Available For Delhi Sub Inspector Post, Apply at railwayrecruitmentgov.in

New Delhi, March 12: The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has revealed that there are over 1,223 vacancies for the post of Delhi Police Sub Inspector. The SSC Central Police Organisations (CPO) has its regional offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Allahabad, Guwahati and Chennai. To get the job, you would need to clear the SSC CPO Sub Inspector entrance examination.

As per the Railways website, railwayrecruitmentgov.in, recruitment for the posts of Sub Inspector in Delhi Police (DP),  Sub Inspector in Border Security Force (BSF), Sub Inspector in Central Reserved Security Force (CRPF), Sub Inspector in Shashtra Seema Bal (SSB), Sub Inspector in Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), Sub Inspector in Indo-Tibetan Border Security Force (ITBP) and Assistant Sub Inspector in Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) takes place every year.

Educational qualifications required for the above-mentioned posts are given below:

  1. Sub Inspector in Delhi Police: Any Bachelor’s Degree from a recognised University and a valid driving license for LMV (Motorcycle and Car).
  2. Others: Any Bachelor’s Degree from a recognised University.

The age limit for all the posts is between 20-25 years as on 01.08.2018. Apart from the essentials, candidates applying for the SSC CPO posts must avoid any sort of discrepancy in their candidature else their form would be rejected.

Recruitment for SSC CPO 2018 begins with the filling of the online application form which has started from 3rd March, 2018, and the last date for submission of application form is 2nd April, 2018. The last date for online payment of fee is 2nd April, 2018 and for the offline mode, the last date is 5th April, 2018.

SSC CPO Tier I Examination will be held from 4th June, 2018 to 10th June, 2018 and that for Tier II will be on 1st December, 2018.

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The Easy Way to Maintain Dealership Service Department Customer Loyalty & Retention

You are an automated service director just coming out of the General Manager's office, he requests you why the repair order count is not growing. What is the answer? How do you grow a service department business in a down economy?

Well, the basic answer is customer loyalty and customer retention. But, we know that customer loyalty went out the window with the cassette player.

In today's economy, with an independent repair shop and express lube center around every corner how do you keep the customers loyal? You must keep them engaged. You must keep your automated service business top of the mind, you must keep your automotive service business top of their mind when the buy need happens, or a service need arises.

Top of the mind awareness is when your dealership service department owns that space between your customer's ears, and they think of you and only you when the time for service arises. So, how do you achieve top of the mind awareness?

First, let's look a basic service department advertising strategy. A typical service department will send out a quarterly tri-fold mailer to everyone in their database. Also, they have a reminder letter that goes out when they think the customer is due for service. That is it! This represents 90% of automated dealerships across the nation. A mailer, and a reminder. Others will say, we have loyal customers. Typical customer loyalty and customer retention is 28-34%, but what about the other 68-72% or customers that are easily traveled?

To achieve top of the mind awareness, your name must always be in front of the customer at all times. But, not with goods and services. Typical dealership marketing strategy as described in the Paragraph above, is constantly telling the customer, "BUY MY SERVICE"! Top of the mind awareness tells the customer, "Here is a way to save money on insurance", or "Here are 7 tips for your next roadtrip". You are creating a relationship.

With typical marketing (this is called "Push" marketing) a customer will tune you out. With Top of the mind awareness marketing (this is called "Pull" marketing, or attraction marketing) You keep the customer engaged via timely, useful, and informative information. Then when the service need arises, they will think of you, the dealership that built the amazing relationship with the customer. Now, that is an automated service marketing strategy.

Now, it can get very expensive trying to keep your name, and brand in front of your customers at all times. The best way and most cost effective way to accomplish this is through an Email marketing campaign.

Source by Johnathan Z Moore

The Benefits of Car Body Kits

Designed to re-shape the exterior of your vehicle, usually giving it a more “Sporty” look than the standard version, the addition of a body kit to any vehicle adds a touch of individuality and style from the normal, out of the factory car. A body kit will usually consist of a front and rear spoiler, side skirts and dependent on the model often a roof spoiler for hatch models. Normally supplied finished in primer, the parts of the body kit can be painted to match your vehicles existing body colour. All of the items that go together to comprise the body kit are usually available as individual items. So if you are not looking for a full body makeover, just a simple re-style, then maybe just adding part of the kit may offer an alternative.

All of the items of the body kit are designed for self installation, and are supplied with full fitting instructions. You should only buy genuine manufacturer accessories, that you can be sure will be an exact match to your vehicle. Providing an excellent fit and ultimately completing the transformation of the vehicle.

Not only will the addition of a complete body kit to your vehicle give it that full makeover and extra sporty look it will also provide some better performance at speed. As the items that go to make up the body kit are all derived from the race track, you will feel an improvement in the handling of the vehicle at motorway speeds. The front and rear spoilers are designed to force air under the car. As the air is forced under the car it has to travel faster. By travelling faster it reduces the pressure under the car. The pressure above the car remains constant in relation to the pressure under the car. As the pressure above is greater than that below the car it pushes the car down, or causes down force, sticking the car to the road. The side skirts that also come as part of the kit ensure that the air cannot escape from under the side of the car, so the air is channelled to the back, again increasing the down force.

So not only will adding a full body kit to your vehicle give it an extra sporty look. It will also produce genuine performance enhancements. If you find this hard to believe ask yourself, “If they did not work, why would they put them on racing saloon cars?”

Source by Graham Winston

Modiji: Privatise Banks Now!

‘Modi wants to reverse everything Nehru did, but is shy of touching his daughter’s most unwise policies.’

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Counterfeit Auto Parts – A Global Epidemic

Recent concerns about U.S. port control have been focusing on the possibility that American ports will be used as a conduit for terrorists to attack America. What many people do not realize is that only about 5% of all containers going through our port system have their contents inspected by authorities. That means a full 95% of the containers never receive a visual inspection, although many do get electronically scanned. Still, it is the naked eye which can detect and determine if something in a container isn’t quite right. As far as auto parts go, a visual inspection is necessary; unfortunately many fake parts do get through. A global epidemic is in progress and it has little to do with terrorists and everything to do with counterfeit auto parts. Let’s take a look at the counterfeit parts “industry” and how you can avoid getting taken.

Yes, it is an industry…the counterfeit auto parts “business” that is. Every year billions of dollars worth of fake auto parts are produced worldwide and circulated to unsuspecting consumers. In some countries the problem is completely out of hand resulting in injury, even death, to drivers and their passengers. Among the parts frequently counterfeited are:


Rocker arms


Transmission fluids



Distributor caps



Brake pads

Air conditioner condensers

Shocks and struts

Oxygen sensors

Spark plugs…

…the list goes on and on and on…

So, how can you spot a fake auto part? A visual inspection of the product is very important. Look at the part and feel it. If it seems or looks different from the part that it is replacing, then that can be a sure sign that it is a counterfeit. In addition, check the packaging carefully: odd shaped or odd fitting packaging, mismatched logos, typos, anything out of the ordinary should raise a red flag to you.

If you believe a part is fake contact the retailer and let them know that you suspect that they sold a counterfeit part to you. Don’t accuse the retailer of knowingly doing something wrong; any decent retailer will quickly remedy the situation as it is their reputation that is on the line.

No, you can’t guarantee that you will never purchase a counterfeit auto part, but you can certainly reduce the chances. Only deal with reputable retailers and when purchasing online avoid purchasing from overseas suppliers. Auto parts wholesalers not only can save you money, but lessen the risk of you getting something that isn’t genuine. How is that? Because wholesalers buy everything directly from the manufacturer. No middle man to get in the way to jack up prices or, potentially, try to pass off auto parts as genuine that are in reality, fake.

The counterfeit auto parts industry is booming but you can do your part to lessen its impact. Be aware of what you are buying and only purchase your replacement auto parts from reputable dealers who stand by everything they sell.

Source by Matthew Keegan

Top Brand Professional Automotive Tools Reviewed – Know Your Budget

The tool market is well serviced in terms of brands, design, quality and price. The key consideration is to evaluate your needs. For example, it is pointless buying a laptop capable driving sophisticated 3G games when really all that is required from the unit is basic desktop and internet work. This kind of example also applies to buying tools. For instance, why waste one's budget on buying the most expensive tools when their application is for occasional hobby type tasks.

Lets start with an overview comparison. It is greatly agreed that the best quality and designed tools are manufactured by the Snap-on company. This brand of tools is designed for the professional market. No tool brand is perfect and infallible to failure. However, the Snap-on lifetime warranty means that when a tool breaks, it is replaced or repaired by the service representatives. Snap-on tools can be bought from their distribution trucks and vans that visit automated workshops. Alternatively, their online catalog allows purchases via the internet. Second-hand and recycled Snap-on tools are also quickly traded through websites like eBay and eBay Partner sites.

As noted above, Snap-on automated tools are at the upper price range. However, there is no shortage of professional grade tool brands at price points below that of the Snap-on brand. For example the brands: Matco, MAC and Cornwell are equally respected in the professional automotive sector. Matco, MAC and Cornwell off a range of professional tools that deliver quality and reliability while carrying sound lifetime warranty and professional after sales service. And are less expensive than the Snap-on brand for the budget minded professional automotive technician. The availability of these brands for sale is similar to Snap-on tools. Trucks visit and distribute tools at automated workshops. Also, online catalogs and auction type websites offer buy opportunities.

For those budget positive buyers, the next set of tool brands is SK and Craftsman. The manufacturing quality of these brands meet USA standards and carry similar lifetime warranties like those brands mentioned above. So, for the semi-professional or hobbyist application these tool brands are an ideal choice. Some may argue that the SK brand, although not as popular, is a little superior to the Craftsman brand. But this opinion is subjective. Craftsmanship and SK brand tools are a more accessible to the buying market. For example, Craftsmanship brand tools are stocked at Sears stores, while the SK brand is found in automated parts stores and outlets.

In summary, if price is no restraint, then tools from the Snap-on range are considered to be the best quality. Where quality and service is still a priority, then brands such as: matco, MAC and Cornwell offer offer quality professionalism lines of tools as less expensive price points. Finally, the brands SK and Craftsmanship serve the semi-professional market with tools that are not subject to the high demands of daily professional usage. The advice for any buyer is assess the task application of the tool, and allocate your budget to buy the right tool for the right job.

Source by Silver Leonard