DRDO CEPTAM Recruitment 2019: Defence Research and Development Organisation to Hire 1817 Candidates For Multi Tasking Staff Post, Says Report

DRDO CEPTAM Recruitment 2019: The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) will conduct a DRDO Centre for Personnel Talent Management Entry Test 2019-20 to hire 1817 candidates for the post of Multi Tasking Staff under the General Central Service Group ‘C’, Non-Gazetted, Ministerial post-classification, stated reports.

Note that there is no official confirmation of the recruitment drive. Therefore interested candidates are advised to keep a tab on the official website, i.e., drdo.gov.in for updates.

Those applying for the post must possess a 10th class pass certificate or an equivalent certificate in order to be eligible to apply for the DRDO CEPTAM MTS post. Of the total 1817 available vacancies, 163 seats are reserved for SC, 114 for ST, 503 for OBC, 188 for EWS, 849 for General Category candidates, 135 for ESM, 50 for MSP and 19 for PWD category, stated a report.

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Here is Why You Shouldn’t Sleep More Than Nine Hours

Older people who sleep nine hours or more at night, and take long naps during the day are 85 per cent more likely to later have a stroke than people who are moderate sleepers and nappers, according to a study. The researchers, including those from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China, studied 31,750 people in China with an average age of 62, following them for a mean period of six years.

They said the people did not have any history of stroke or other major health problems at the start of the study but over the duration of the research, they noted 1,557 stroke cases. The participants were asked questions about their sleep and napping habits, and the quality of rest they had.

The study, published in the journal Neurology, noted that eight per cent of the people took noon naps lasting more than 90 minutes, and 24 percent said they slept nine or more hours per night. The results of the study revealed that people who sleep nine or more hours per night are 23 per cent more likely to later have a stroke, than people who sleep seven to less than eight hours per night. According to the researchers, people who sleep less than seven hours per night, or between eight and less than nine hours per night, were no more likely to have a stroke than those who slept from seven to less than eight hours per night.

The study noted that the results were adjusted for other factors that could affect the risk of stroke such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and smoking. It said people who were both long nappers, and long sleepers were 85 per cent more likely to later have a stroke than people who were moderate sleepers and nappers. The research also revealed that people who had poor sleep quality were 29 per cent more likely to later have a stroke than people who said they had good sleep.

“These results highlight the importance of moderate napping and sleeping duration and maintaining good sleep quality, especially in middle-age and older adults,” said study co-author Xiaomin Zhang from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Zhang emphasised that the study does not prove a causal relationship between long napping, sleeping, and stroke, but only shows an association.

The researchers said the study came with some limitations as well. One of them was that the information on sleep and napping was taken from questionnaires, not from recording people’s actual sleep. The study also noted that data on sleep disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea were not collected. The study involved older, healthy Chinese adults, so the results may not apply to other groups, the researchers said.

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NIOS 10th, 12th Exam 2019: Results Declared at results.nios.ac.in

NIOS 10th, 12th Result 2019: The National Institute of Open School (NIOS) has declared the results of Class 10 and Class 12 board exam on the official website. Students who attempted any of the exams can check their scores at results.nios.ac.in.

The NIOS board exams for class 10 and class 12 in October and November this year. Notably, more than three lakh candidates had appeared for the NIOS exam conducted in the month of October this year.

Here’s How to Check NIOS 10th, 12th Exam Results 2019:

Step 1: Visit the official website – results.nios.ac.in.

Step 2: On the homepage, click on the link which says ‘NIOS 10th 12th Result 2019’.

Step 3: Now enter all the required login details including your roll number along and finally the captcha code.

Step 4: Clcik on the submit button. Your result will appear on the screen.

Step 5: Download and take a print-out of the same for future use.

About NIOS:

Started in 1979 by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), NIOS is an open school under the Union government of India. It has a cumulative enrollment of about 1.5 million students from 2004 to 2009 at secondary and senior secondary levels and enrolls about 350,000 students annually, states Wikipedia.


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डायबिटीज के मरीजों के लिए रामबाण है ये दवाइयां, अब इलाज को लेकर नहीं होगी परेशानी

नई दिल्ली: डायबिटीज मैनेजमेंट में वैज्ञानिक एवं औद्योगिक अनुसंधान परिषद (CSIR) द्वारा विकसित आयुर्वेदिक दवा प्रभावी साबित हो रही है. विभिन्न शोध में आयुर्वेदिक दवाओं को टाइप 2 मधुमेह रोगियों के लिए काफी कारगर पाया गया है. सरकार देश भर में डायबिटीज मैनेजमेंट को लेकर कार्यक्रम चला रही है. इसके तहत गुजरात के सुरेंद्र नगर, राजस्थान के भीलवाड़ा और बिहार के गया जिले में मधुमेह की रोकथाम और नियंत्रण पर काम चल रहा है. अभी तक इन तीनों जिलों के 59 स्वास्थ्य केंद्रों पर सरकार काफी बेहतर ढंग से कार्यक्रम चला रही है. इनमें 49 सीएचसी और 3 जिला अस्पताल शामिल हैं. यहां आयुर्वेद दवाओं और योग के जरिए मरीजों का उपचार किया जा रहा है.

पिछले दिनों लोकसभा में केंद्रीय आयुष मंत्री श्रीपद येसो नाईक ने कहा था कि देश में मधुमेह (डायबिटीज) के रोगी काफी तेजी से बढ़ रहे हैं. अनुमान है कि 2025 तक इन मरीजों की संख्या 6.99 करोड़ तक पहुंच सकती है. इसी के साथ उन्होंने कहा था कि वैज्ञानिक एवं औद्योगिक अनुसंधान परिषद (सीएसआईआर) ने रिसर्च के बाद आयुर्वेदिक दवा बीजीआर-34 को तैयार किया है.

बनारस हिंदू विश्वविद्यालय (बीएचयू) के वैज्ञानिकों ने स्वतंत्र परीक्षणों के जरिए डायबिटिज की इस दवा को कारगर बताया है. दरअसल सरकार के तय नियमों के तहत दवाओं को बाजार में उतारने के बाद भी उसके प्रभाव का स्वतंत्र रूप से मरीजों पर परीक्षण करना पड़ता है. इसी के तहत वैज्ञानिकों ने डायबिटीज मैनेजमेंट में इस दवा को बहुत प्रभावी पाया है.

आयुष मंत्रालय के अनुसार यूपी के लखनऊ स्थित सीमैप और एनबीआरआई प्रयोगशालाओं में आयुर्वेद के प्राचीन फार्मूले पर शोध करने के बाद बीजीआर-34 को आधुनिक पैमानों पर भी मापने का प्रयास किया गया. इसमें साबित हुआ है कि टाइप 2 मधुमेह रोगियों के लिए ये काफी कारगर है.

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SC PA/SPA Exam 2019: Supreme Court Releases Answer Key For Personal & Senior Personal Assistant Written Test; Raise Objections at sci.gov.in

SC PA/SPA Recruitment 2019: The Supreme Court of India has released the answer key of a written exam conducted to recruit suitable candidates for the Personal Assistant (PA) and Senior Personal Assistant (SPA) posts. Candidates who attempted the exam can check the answer key on the official website of the apex court, i.e., sci.gov.in.

The written exam for Supreme Court’s Personal Assistant and Senior Personal Assistant posts was conducted on December 1, 2019.

Here’s How to Raise Objections in SC PA/SPA Answer Keys Online: 

  • Visit the official website of the Supreme Court of India, i.e., sci.gov.in.
  • Click on the link that says, “Answer Key for written test held for the posts of Personal Assistant and Senior Personal Assistant on 1.12.2019”.
  • In order to view the answer key, candidates must fill in all the required details including their roll number, date of birth and question booklet series.
  • You can also raise your objections, if any, on the answer keys.

Note that December 13 is the last date to raise objections against the SC PA or SPA answer key. The notification also says “The answer keys will be available on the portal from 10.12.2019 to 13.12.2019 (up to 5:00 PM) for candidates to view and submit their objections, if any, regarding any of the questions. Thereafter no objections will be entertained from the candidates.”


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Why is India Inc so scared all the time?

‘India Inc has been afraid to criticise the government of the day for many years now, and it is perhaps unfair to blame the current one alone,’ says Shyamal Majumdar.

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