7 Step Sales Process of High Income Auto and RV Sales Professionals

High income car and RV salespeople follow a 7 step sales process.

They follow the sales process on each and every contact. No exceptions.

There is no deviation. No skipping steps. It just doesn’t happen.

Automobile Sales an Art AND a Skill

Rembrandt was considered one of the greatest painters in European history. Do you know who Pieter Lastman or Jacob van Swanenburgh were? Rembrandt apprenticed under each of them.

What does that have to do with car and RV sales people? Nothing. And everything.

Everything, that is, if you want to be a top income earner.

To be a Rembrandt you need coaching. You need sales training. You need practice to develop your style, your talent, your selling techniques.

The art is the finesse.

For prospective buyers, it is bringing to reality what works for them without manipulation, without shady tactics or tricks.

Professional selling technique is the ability to listen intently, ask relevant value adding questions, and package it all in a vehicle that meets the prospect’s needs and budget.

7 Step Automobile and RV Sales Process – Work It!

Walk into McDonald’s anywhere in the world and you will find the same friendly smiles, although the faces may be different. You will see a similar menu, although reading it may be difficult. You will find the same production process.

The recipe, like a sales process, works.

It works for McDonald’s. It works for Wendy’s. It works for Tim Hortons. It works for the Colonel along with a whole regiment of other franchises. And the 7 Step Sales Process of top automobile and RV sales income earners will work for you.

Exceptions Yes Life Happens

Will there be exceptions? You bet.

Even in the most well oiled system, glitches surface from time-to-time. There is occasional franchisee – franchisor incompatibility. There are occasional let downs in traffic expectations compared to market analysis. There are occasional language challenges.

Reality is, in all things, there will be occasional surprises.

So what. Move on.

Like the franchise system, the following 7 Step Automobile and RV Sales Process works.

And, yes, there will be exceptions. There will be the cash buyer who insists on a large discount. There will be the prospect whom you just cannot settle on a vehicle. There will be… There will be… There will be…

There will be exceptions, the occasional incompatibility for whatever reason. Move on. The sales model works consistently, with an occasional exception.

7 Step Sales Model

The 7 Step Sales Model of high income automobile salespeople and RV sales people is:

1. Introduction

2. Qualification

3. Selection / Presentation

4. Demonstration

5. Negotiation

6. Application

7. Preparation / Delivery

That’s it.

To close more deals, follow these steps each and every opportunity. No exceptions.

By the way, career automobile salespeople and RV sales professionals have an 8th step – Progression, moving the new Customer to a walking, talking referral machine.

Wanna be car sales guys and gals just cannot seem to grasp this.

Write me for more detail about Progression. It is where the big dollars are!

Remember: Nothing happens until someone sells something.

Sales Champions – People Like You – Make It Happen!

Source by Jeffrey Doucet

Uber founder keen to fund innovative start-ups in India, China

Kalanick said the fund would focus on large-scale job creation through investments in real estate, e-commerce and upcoming innovations from India and China.

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A Top Ten List of Automotive Extended Warranty Companies

Automotive extended warranties should be a very important part of one's budget. After the vehicle's initial warranty expires it would be wise to extend it because unexpected breakdowns can be devastating for one's finances. A warranty is collateral that is offered by the manufacturer or another insurance provider. This means that if the product or service fails you are entitled to have it repaired or replaced. Let's look at some of the top providers for automotive extended warranties.

1. Mogi

Mogi is a very recent entrant into the market of insurance. With their technological advances in terms of web based protection and support, Mogi has become the convenient and reliable choice of many consumers. Mogi offers several coverage plans for new and used vehicles. Each plan is tailor to the specific needs of the customer at the lowest rates possible.

2. Warranty Direct

Warranty Direct is very popular due to its wide array of coverage plans at reasonable prices. With more of a track record than Mogi, Warranty Direct has been in the business for 30 years. In terms of reliability you will find no better automotive extended warranty among the other companies. Warranty Direct is one of the largest warranty companies in North America making it very appealing to buyers looking for a safe and reliable purchase.


Another well-known name; CARCHEX provides several automated extended warranties. Plans for new and used vehicles add to the diversity of this company.

4. Stop Repair Bills

Stop Repair Bills will cover almost any vehicle. Most of their customers have vehicles over 12 years old. This company's boldness has earned it a household name for good reason.

5. US Fidelis

US Fidelis is one of the largest automotive extended warranty companies in the United States. US Fidelis offers many economic plans for new vehicles. This provider is a wise choice for those looking for an established company.

6. US Direct

US Direct is another exclusive provider in the United States. This automatic extended warranty company boasts a solid track record and excellent customer service.

7. Fidelity Automotive

Fidelity provides extended warranties to both new and used cars. To go along with their coverage, Fidelity also offers excellent customer service with roadside assistance and repair.

8. Auto Protection

Auto Protection is smaller than the other providers; to compensate for this Auto Protection offers excellent customer service and makes their policies very clear.

9. Endurance Protection

Another small automotive extended warranty provider; Endurance Protection offers several incentives such as instant savings and roadside assistance.

10. Auto Service Warranty

Auto Service Warranty provides used and new auto coverage. Automotive extended warranties are provided at very economical pricing.

Source by Tim J Johnson

Effective Labor Rate Is a Key Measurement in the Service Department

Another key indicator in the Service Department is the Effective Labor Rate or EFL. Measured in conjunction with Hours Per Repair Order, it can be used as a powerful tool in gauging Advisor Performance.

What is Effective Labor Rate?

It is a measurement of how good of a job you do in selling Time to the Customer and how much money you kept from selling that unit of time.

In the Service Department we sell Labor Hours. The EFL is another way of measuring how well we do that job.

What follows is an illustration. For simplicity sake we will use $100.00 a Labor Hour.

You have a Service Advisor who sold one hour of labor in your shop. He closes the repair order and the Customer comes in to pay the bill. They pay $100.00. The Effective Labor Rate for that sale is $100.00 an hour. 1 RO at 1 Hour of Labor Time Sold at $100.00 equals $100.00.

Say the Customer comes in a pays $90.00 for that same labor hour. Now the EFL is $90.00.

Every time there is a reduction in the amount of money you collect from the Customer, there is a corresponding reduction in the EFL. As you can see, discounting is the number one way to decrease your EFL.

There is another factor in the Service Department that can have a profound impact on the EFL and that is the type of repair the repair facility is doing. And there is one other thing you must know about EFL. It is cumulative.

Say your Advisor had 10 Customers today. Of the 10, 4 were minor services like an oil change. The remaining 6 were typical repair orders, customer pay mixed with warranty repairs. This particular Service Advisor checks his Performance Numbers daily and notices that compared to the day before, he had a bit of a fall off in total Performance Numbers.

He investigates and notices that the day before he wrote 10 Repair Orders, sold 1 Hour of Labor on each RO and collected $1000.00 from the Customers he worked with. His EFL for that day was $100.00 per Labor Hour.

Today, his results are markedly different. On the ROs that were minor services, the Labor Charge to the Customer is only $7.50 which translates into an EFL of $25.00 an hour. He wrote 4 minor services. On the 4 minor services he sold.3 per RO in Labor Time Sold, and he collected $30.00 from the Customers on those Repair Orders.

On the remaining 6 Repair Orders he collected $600.00. The total collected from all of the Customers is $630.00. The Labor Time that he actually sold is 7.2 hours.

4 Repair Orders at.3 each and 6 Repair Orders at 1 hour each equals 7.2 hours of Labor. That translates into an EFL of $87.50 an hour. $630.00 divided by 7.2 Hours of Time Sold gives you the Effective Labor Rate, in this case, $87.50.

If you are the Service Manager and keeping an eye on your Advisors Performance Numbers daily, this will not seem to be out of line.

However, continued Low EFL is indicative of some type of a problem that needs to be addressed.

For instance, if your Advisor is a very good Discounter, it may be that he or she is not very good at estimating a repair, or not very confident in the quality of service provided. Maybe the only Service Item they can sell is a minor oil change and they need Sales Training to overcome their shortcomings.

Effective Labor Rate is another tool the Advisor and the Manager can use to measure Performance. Check it daily, keep an eye on Discounts and make sure the Advisors know what Products and Services best fit their Customers’ needs. If you can do that, the EFL will take care of itself.

Source by Leonard G. Buchholz

Need to Recycle Automotive Fluids

Over the years automotive recycling has developed into a big industry. This is because technological developments have given rise to processes which have made it possible to recycle most parts of a car. These days every part such as plastics, glass, different parts, fluids used in a car is recycled.

Most of the fluids used in cars need proper disposal. This is because if they leak into the environment, they can cause serious damage. The reason is that they contain toxic chemicals.

Let us see various fluids that are used in a car and their impact on the environment:

Engine Oil:

Internal combustion engines of automobiles need frequent changes of oil and oil filter. If we consider the number of cars on road, you can imagine the quantity of waste engine oil that is generated. But fortunately, engine oil can be recycled. You can remove used oil from your car and give it away to a recycling center. You can replace used oil with fresh oil.


Antifreeze should not be allowed to escape into the environment. This is because it is toxic and it could mix with underground water. The antifreeze water is sweet to taste and can be consumed by children and animals. This is hazardous for health. The good news is that there are processes to recycle antifreeze.

Anti-transmission fluid (ATF):

If this fluid is released into the environment, it causes severe damage. It seeps into the soil contaminating it. Animals and insects consume it and die. This affects the food cycle and negatively impacts the ecosystem. These pollutants make their way into the water supply also. This adversely affects the life of aquatic creatures. Recyclers collect used ATF so that it does not get leaked into the environment.

Brake Fluid:

Brake fluid contains glycols, solvents, and heavy metals. It is also flammable. Hence, it should be carefully disposed of.

Windshield washer fluid:

This fluid is toxic in nature since it contains methanol, detergent, and water. It should not be mixed with other automotive fluids.

Fluids can easily leak into the environment causing irreparable damage. Hence, we should all make a conscious effort to ensure that this leakage is avoided. Since there are recycling centers to recycle most of these toxic fluids, we should do our bit for disposing of them.

We can collect used fluids in containers and give them away at recycling centers. However, we need to ensure that we collect the different fluids separately. Safe disposal of automotive fluids is a great service to mankind.

Source by Kanika Saxena

The Rs 76.84-lakh Porsche Macan now in India

It comes with various features including seven-speed PDK dual-clutch transmission, latest generation Porsche Communication Management and variety of distinctive interior and exterior features

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Automotive Batteries – CCA and RC Power Ratings Explained

The two power ratings found on an automotive starter battery are CCA and RC. These power ratings are important factors when selecting the correct replacement battery for your car or truck and should not be overlooked.

CCA: Cold Cranking Amps – This is the amount of current (measured in amps) a battery can “crank out” for 30 seconds at 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius). This rating is important as a battery has to work harder to start your engine in cold temperatures. The higher the CCA rating, the more power the battery can deliver. A battery’s capacity can be reduced by as much as 75% in extremely cold weather. Be sure to select a battery with the highest possible CCA if you live in a cold climate. Never use a battery with a CCA rating lower than your vehicles specified rating! Check your vehicle owners manual if in doubt or check with a salesperson at your local auto supply shop.

RC: Reserve Capacity – This is the length of time in minutes that a battery can provide 25 amps at 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26.7 degrees Celsius). The reserve capacity of a battery is important should the alternator fail as the electrical system in your vehicle will need to be maintained. Headlights, turn signals, car stereos and other accessories will drain a battery quickly if it has a low RC rating. If you tend to use your stereo or other accessories when your vehicle is not running, you might want to consider a battery with a high RC rating when you need to replace it. I hope you’ve found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!

Source by Joe Sousa