Consume These Food to Keep Flu at Bay

Flu or influenza is one of the most prevalent conditions. It is a respiratory disease that spreads through respiratory droplets. This extremely contagious condition can also be passed on to others by physical contact. Flu is characterised by symptoms including high fever, fatigue, runny nose, headache, sore throat, etc. These symptoms can last for 7 to 14 days and can make chronic problems worse.

Flu season usually begins in the month of October and lasts till May. This health ailment can even cause death in people who are already suffering from some respiratory problems. To prevent the condition, you should follow certain hygiene methods, avoid sharing your things or food and stay away from infected people. Apart from these, there are certain food that can help you keep the flu or influenza at bay. Here, we tell you about them.

Green vegetables

Green veggies like broccoli, kale, spinach, and cabbage contain essential nutrients like vitamins A, C, and E that have protective properties. They also improve your immunity and help to fight against bacteria and viruses. Additionally, green vegetables switch on the antioxidant genes and enzymes present in immune cells that are known to neutralize free radicals and protect you. This is what a research conducted at the University of California stated.


This taste-enhancing kitchen ingredient is used for medicinal purposes. Containing strong antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, garlic can boost your immunity and rejuvenate your entire system. You can consume it either raw or in coocked form.


Yogurt is known as a probiotic as it contains good bacteria, which are significant for better gut health. They also make your immune system stronger and prevent infections and inflammation. Probiotics help in regulating metabolism and improving digestion too. Having yogurt on a daily basis is known to prevent and treat common cold and flu. This is what a research published in the Korean Journal of Family Medicine stated.

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Low-Carb Veggies That Should Include Every Diabetics’ Diet

Diabetes is a chronic condition that occurs when your body either becomes resistant to the insulin hormone, which is secreted by the pancreas or when it stops producing the hormone. Characterized by signs and symptoms like unexplained weight loss, increased thirst, extreme fatigue, frequent urination, etc., diabetes affects basically those who are obese, above the age of 45 and have a sedentary lifestyle. If not managed, a high blood sugar level can potentially make you susceptible to heart diseases, hearing loss, kidney failure, depression, dementia, etc. Therefore, a diabetic should always maintain his/her body’s glucose level. In order to do so, apart from being active you need to be extra cautious about what you eat. Here, we tell you about certain vegetables that you can add in your daily diet to be healthy and control diabetes.


Being jam-packed with soluble fiber, spinach takes time to be digested and hence doesn’t spike your blood sugar level. Also, this non-starchy vegetable is known to have a low glycemic index. This means spinach cannot lead to an increase in blood glucose. The green veggie is also helpful in limiting the consumption of carbohydrates.


Being low in calories, tomatoes are one of the best eating options for diabetics. Considered as a superfood, tomato is rich in vitamin C and helps in boosting your immunity. Also, it is a good source of vitamin A, that helps in improving your eyesight. Notably, decreased eyesight is a major problem found in diabetics. Moreover, tomato contains a strong compound called lycopene. This is known to be a powerful antioxidant that protects you against cardiovascular diseases and prostate cancer.


Being low in carbohydrates and rich in essential nutrients like vitamin a, C, and K, broccoli can help you control your blood sugar level and improve your immune functions. Also, it contains fiber, which, as mentioned above, is digested slowly and doesn’t spike the sugar level. Broccoli also contains potent antioxidants that provide protection against heart diseases and inflammation. Even if you are experiencing constipation, you can have broccoli to feel better.

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Weight Loss: Eat These Vegetables And Bid Adieu to Excess Body Fat

Do you have belly fat? Does performing exercises is not helping you? If yes, you need to know that one of the most important factors in a weight loss regimen is to pick the right food. You should aware of the food that are low in calories, have fat-burning properties, and help in increasing the body’s metabolism. To lose weight, you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money on protein shakes or a special kind of food. Something as simple as veggies can be of good help. Here we tell you about certain easily available vegetables that can effectively help in shedding those extra kilos. Read on to know about them.


This green veggie is known to have fat-burning properties. Also, it is low in calories and therefore having it on a daily basis won’t contribute to body fat. Also known as a ‘powerhouse of vegetable’, spinach can be consumed by simply cooking it or making spinach smoothie. Spinach contains a good amount of fiber and protein that can keep you from overeating and help you building muscles.


Mushrooms are jam-packed with protein that can boost your body’s metabolism and increase the fat-burning episode. Also, this extremely nutritious vegetable can regulate the blood sugar level and prevent the onset of diabetes.


Being rich in fiber, broccoli can keep you satisfied for a longer duration and prevent overeating, which is a major cause of obesity. Also, broccoli contains phytochemicals that have fat-burning properties. This green veggie also contains vitamin C and folate that can potentially boost your body’s immunity and help you fight against various diseases and conditions.


Being rich in water and fiber, cucumber can increase satiety and also helps in detoxifying your body. It is also low in calories and fats and therefore can be eaten without thinking much about weight gain.

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गोभी खाने से शरीर को मिलते हैं वो फायदे जो ताकत की दवाओं से भी नहीं मिलते…

नई दिल्‍ली: फूलगोभी, ब्रोकली हम सभी खाते हैं. पर क्‍या आप जानते हैं कि इसे खाने से क्‍या फायदा होता है. एक नए शोध में इसके फायदों के बारे में बताया गया है.

इस एक मसाले में छिपा है सेक्‍स से जुड़ी हर समस्‍या का समाधान, रोज खाएंगे तो बढ़ेगा रोमांस…

शोध के नतीजों में बताया गया है कि गोभी या ब्रोकली खाने से कैंसर नहीं होता. शोध की रिपोर्ट को इम्युनिटी नाम के जर्नल में प्रकाशित किया गया है.

क्‍या कहता है शोध
गोभी या ब्रोकली जैसी हरी पत्तेदार सब्जियां खाने से आंत स्वस्थ रहती हैं. आंतों के कैंसर से बचाव होता है. हालां‍कि वैज्ञानिकों ने ये अध्‍ययन चूहों पर किया था. इसमें पता चला कि जिन चूहों को इन्डोल 3 कार्बिनोल (आई3सी) युक्त आहार दिया गया, उनमें आंत में सूजन या आंतों के कैंसर से बचाव हुआ.

BLACK TEA पीने के ये फायदे जानेंगे तो हमेशा के लिए छोड़ देंगे दूध वाली चाय…

गोभी और ब्रोकली में भी यही आई3सी पाया जाता है. ये एक एक्रियल हाइडोकार्बन रिसेप्टर (एएचआर) नाम के प्रोटीन को सक्रिय करता है, जिससे आंतों के कैंसर से बचाव होता है.

ये हैं फायदे
एएचआर एक पर्यावरणीय सेंसर के रूप में काम करता है तथा प्रतिरक्षा थंत्र और आंतों की एपिथिलिएल कोशिकाओं को संकेत देता है कि सूजन से बचाव करने की कोशिश करें. ये आंत में पाए जाने वाले खरबों बैक्टीरिया से प्रतिरक्षा प्रदान करता है.

PREGNANCY में आखिर क्‍यों होती है पेट दर्द की शिकायत? जानें कब होता है खतरा…

शोध प्रमुख ब्रिटेन के फ्रांसिस क्रिक इंस्टीट्यूट की अमीना मेतीजी ने बताया, ‘जब कैंसर ग्रस्त चूहों को आई3सी से भरपूर डायट खिलाई गई, तो उनमें ट्यूमर की संख्या में कमी देखी गई’.
(एजेंसी से इनपुट)

हेल्थ की और खबरें पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें. 

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