This Naturally Occurring Protein May Help You Lose Weight Without Moving an Inch

Weight loss is a tough process. It requires you to work hard at the gym and keep moving. At times, it becomes a bit strenuous to workout every day and leads to loss of motivation. But what if we tell you that you can get the body of your dreams without moving a single body muscle? Sounds strange? Well, that’s is what a new research has found out. According to the scientists at the University of Michigan, a naturally acting protein called ‘Sestrin’ has the potential to give the benefits of a good workout.

This means that a simple protein in the body can help you make your tummy flat and give you ideal body weight. According to the researchers, this protein accumulates in your muscles following exercise. Increasing your body’s ability to make Sestrin can help you get the effects of doing exercises without actually doing them. This is good news for those who love sitting almost all the time and not doing anything productive. Though pills for Sestrin are yet not available, there are certain food that you can eat to increase the level of protein. Read on to know about them.


Whole eggs are loaded with an array of vitamins, healthy fats, minerals, and antioxidants. Having eggs on a daily basis can raise the level of good cholesterol in the body and lower your risk of developing heart diseases. Also, eggs contain choline, which is a significant nutrient that most people are deficient of. Choline helps in building cell membranes and plays a vital role in producing signal molecules in the brain.


Jam-packed with antioxidants, almonds can protect you against oxidative stress that is known to cause inflammation and cancer. Also, almonds are rich in vitamin E that helps in reducing your risk of developing cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Even if you have diabetes, almonds can help you control your blood sugar level.


Oats are one of the most healthy grains on the planet. They are a rich source of soluble fiber that helps in weight loss by increasing the feeling of fullness. Also, eating oats on a daily basis can increase the growth of good bacteria in the gut and boost the insulin response of your body cells.

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Want to Reduce Your Child’s Risk of Developing Food Allergy? Here is What You Need to do

Itching in mouth, eczema, swelling of lips, abdominal pain. These are some of the common signs that show the onset of food allergy. It is basically a reaction by your immune system after eating a certain food. Affecting 6 to 8 per cent of children worldwide, a food allergy can cause debilitating complications like anaphylaxis (life-threatening allergic reaction) if ignored. Easily confused with food intolerance, this condition occurs when your immune system identifies a certain food as something harmful when consumed. To protect you from supposedly harmful food, your body’s defense system releases antibodies called IgE to neutralize the allergen. This leads to the signs and symptoms mentioned above.

Generally, children suffer from peanut, eggs, wheat, soy, and milk allergy. And, you can prevent your child from developing these allergies by introducing them to these food earlier in life. Yes, you heard it right. Counteracting the earlier guidelines of the UK, a recent study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology has revealed that introducing food like peanuts and eggs to babies while they are three months old, can prevent their susceptibility to the allergies from these food.

Notably, if you have a family history of food allergy, your child’s risk of developing the same becomes higher than those without such history. Also, children are more likely to get an allergy. As far as the diagnosis of food allergy is concerned, doctors perform a physical exam, a skin test, blood test, etc. to confirm the condition. Once confirmed, they may prescribe certain anti-allergic medicines. In severe cases, oral immunotherapy may be recommended. One of the best ways to avoid allergy triggers is to eliminate certain food from the daily diet.

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Can Food keep You Warm During Winters?

Winter is finally approaching and people are feeling the need to keep themselves warm. Though warm jackets and blankets are there to serve the purpose, you require something that can preserve the heat inside the body. This will protect you from ailments that come along with winters. So, as the temperature begins to drop, you should add food known to bring warmth, in your daily diet. Here we provide a list of those food. Read on to know about them.

Dry fruits

Do you love munching dry fruits? If yes, you are going the right way. Dry fruits like cashew, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, etc. are knwon to generate heat and keep you warm during the cold weather. Also, being rich in essential vitamins and proteins, these dry fruits can keep you healthy. If you wish to keep cardiovascular diseases, respiratory issues, and constipation at bay, opt for dry fruits.


Having thermogenic properties, ginger can bring warmth to the body. It is also known to help in increasing your body’s metabolism and regulating your blood pressure. To use ginger for these purposes, all you need to do is to add it in a cup of tea and have as the first thing in the morning.


This easily digestible fat is known to keep the body warm. That is why our mothers add too much ghee in the chapati especially during winters. Also, consuming ghee can improve your digestion and boost your immunity. Ghee is also associated with the prevention of constipation.


Honey is warm and therefore its regular consumption can keep you away from ailments that come along the cold air. It can keep cold and cough at bay. Also, its consumption on a daily basis can strengthen your immune system.

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Premature Hair Greying: Opt For These Food to Slow The Process

Ageing is inevitable, but certain conditions are capable of bringing it too early in life. This condition is called premature greying. It can make you look unattractive and can impact your self-esteem too. From genetics to nutritional deficiency, and environmental factors, there can be various reasons behind the onset of premature greying. The condition occurs when your body cells stop producing enough melanin pigment. The major reason behind this inability can be a deficiency of protein and vitamin B12 in the body. Though you may not reverse your hair colour, there are certain food that can help you delay the ageing process. Read on to know about them.


Vitamin C present in orange has the capacity to boost the production of collagen protein that makes up the hair. This connective tissue can stop the greying of hair and can also make them strong. Orange is also considered as an immunity-boosting and cholesterol-reducing food. You can have it even to keep your blood pressure under check and prevent skin damage.

Fermented food

Fermented food are a good source of probiotics that are essential for maintaining good gut health and improving hair health too. Present in food like yogurt, soy, vinegar, etc. probiotics can help in the production of good bacteria that are associated with producing vitamin-B and biotin. Notably, a deficiency of these two can change your hair colour and reduce their strength as well.


You must have heard of people wearing hair masks made of eggs. Did you ever think why they use eggs in making the masks? Well, that’s because eggs are jam-packed with protein and are capable of repairing hair. Notably, people experiencing greying of hair are found to be deficient in vitamin B-12. And the use of an egg mask can reduce this deficiency and help in improving hair health.

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