Weight Loss Plateau: Common Mistakes You Must Not do to Avoid The Phase

If you are following a strict weight loss regimen that gave you the required results during the initial phase, however suddenly you have stopped losing weight for no reason, it means you have reached a weight loss plateau. It is an unwanted phase of the weight loss process that occurs in almost everyone’s life after they start trying to shed those extra kilos. It makes every effort a waste.

Once you begin the weight loss routine, a significant drop in weight occurs. This happens because your body uses glycogen present in the muscles for energy as the body loses calories. Also, you shed the weight because the glycogen, when burned in the body releases water. Gradually, the body also loses muscles and fat, that are required to keep your metabolism optimum. The deficiency of these factors leads to a slow metabolism which is associated with weight gain. This is the time, you reach weight loss plateau and stops getting rid of more calories. You reach the weight-loss plateau due to some common mistakes. Here we will tell you about them.

  • Performing the same kind of exercise daily can make you reach the weight loss plateau. It makes the workout session monotonous for your body and it stops reacting and bringing the required results. So, you basically need to challenge your body. Introduce some tough and new exercises to it. Also, change the frequency of the exercises you are already doing. Resistance training can also be an effective way to break weight loss plateau.
  • Always keep track on your calory intake. Make sure you burn more calories than you consume.
  • If you think that skipping meals before and after exercise will help to get a slim body, you are mistaken. It will only make you weak. So, always head towards the gym after having something. This will make you energetic enough to exercise without feeling drained out. Also, don’t forget to have a post-workout meal. This will help the muscles to work.
  • If you have a sedentary life, exercise won’t help you in getting a slim body. You are required to keep moving. Having an active lifestyle will help you experience progress in weight loss.
  • It is essential to consume enough water during the weight loss process. Dehydration can make you consume more calories which are already associated with weight gain. So drink as much water as you can.

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